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Your Instructor is Shaikh Ibrahim Habach. His specialty is Ejaza of Hifz and Tahfeez with a strong Sanad to our beloved Prophet saas. Our professional native Arab speaker is your teacher to develop children to a better level.

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No minimum hifz is required

We offer Arabic courses based on the most used grammar and vocabulary from the portion of the Quran you memorize for having the student understand what they read from the Quran or Hadith to build in mind Quranic Arabic phrase structure. (It is not intend for Arabic language in general.) All examples and phrases are directly from the Quran and hadith.

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Ejaza of Hifz with a strong Sanad to our beloved Prophet saas (click for very large image).


Shaikh Muhammad Sukar
رحمه الله وليس حفظه الله

Cheikh Abu Alkhair

Shaikh Abu Alkhair

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